Electronic Meters

Soon you will be receiving a new electronic water meter. District 10 will begin installing new meters in the next few weeks, and should complete installation of meters throughout the district by January 2020.

Why Are We Getting New Electronic Water Meters?

Water Districts in Texas routinely replace meters as the old meters simply wear out from use. District 10 conducted a review of available meter technology to determine what type of meter would provide the most customer benefits. The District took into account the financial impact to the District, the lifespan of the meter, maintenance costs, and data information benefits for the District customers. Ultimately, the Board chose electronic meters with automatic meter read ability.

Also known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure, the electronic water meter takes reads hourly rather than monthly. Electronic meters send data directly to the utility, removing the possibility of human error in both meter reading and data entry. This technology also gives customers deeper insight and understanding on how and when they use water by providing them access to their usage in near real time. Customers will be able to regularly check their usage, set up alerts regarding excess usage and detect possible leaks to better manage their water consumption. All District 10 customers will be able to access their unique consumption data by creating an online account.

Information on how to register for the new system will be available soon.

What is The Installation Process?

The project will be starting soon. You will initially see a maintenance team that will clean out any dirt/debris from your existing meter box, which will allow for a fast and easy switch out of meters by the meter installation team. After cleaning, the meter installation team will replace the old meter with a new electronic one. The installation of the new meter will require a very short interruption of service to allow the meter switch to occur. A typical meter replacement takes about 15 minutes.

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