Guidance If You Need to Turn Off Your Water

Isolate house lines at the valve located after the meter, towards the house.  They are installed 6”-12” from the meter box in their own valve stack.  Lids for these are often cracked or lost over the years and the valve becomes buried in debris.  They will only be about 8” deep and in line with the water meter.  This is the valve’s intended use.  Some houses have valves located closer to the structure in addition to the valve by meter.

At the property edge by street (usually near property corner) you will see your meter box and your homeowner’s cutoff (see pic below). You’ll see a handle (it may either look like a wheel or a T) and you want to turn it as much as you can clockwise until it stops.

If you are unable to locate your cutoff and need the District to shut of the water from the District side, please send an email to and request.  You can also text (512) 912-6423 and say ISOLATE METER followed by your address.

Please be aware that due to very high call volume at this time the response time to turn your meter off or on may be long.  However, we will respond as quickly as possible or help walk you through it via phone.